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    In golf, aim is everything. AeroCurve Golf’s patented curved sight-line marker enables the golfer to aim the ball towards the hole more accurately.

    Think about it.

    When you line up a putt, you take your time to make certain the center of the putter’s striking face is aimed in the direction you want the ball to travel. You glance at the putter, the ball, the hole, and back at the ball again. Some golfers even resort to “spot” targets! If the putter is even slightly askew from the proper position (i.e. having an open or closed face), the shot is misaligned and the ball will miss the hole. Most conventional putters use sight-lines to help you line up your putt. But most putters use straight lines parallel or perpendicular to the ball.

    Why use a straight sight-line, when the object you are striking is round?

    AeroCurve Golf’s putters come equipped with a patented curved sight-line marker to make lining up your putts quicker and easier -- making certain that you and your putter are square to the target. You no longer have to use “spot” targets, waste time squaring up, or wonder why the ball doesn’t go in the direction of the hole. The curved sight-line marker significantly helps you better visualize and increase the precision of your putt, compared to the straight-line marking(s) of a conventional putter. With this additional confidence and stability, you are one step closer to a better game and a lower score!

    The curved marking concept is similar to the marker used on an airplane's attitude indicator, which shows the aircraft's position in relation to he ground's surface beneath it. The marker allows a straight and level flight because it visualizes for the pilot the most accurate sight indicator by which to aim towards the heading point. Advanced military gun sight-line technology has also taken advantage of curved markers for increased accuracy and precision resulting in less error, and a quick and easy line-up. Similarly, it is no surprise that the curved sight-line marker used on the AeroCurve Golf putters is the most accurate means by which to easily line-up a golf ball to the hole.

    To find more information on the curved marker of an airplane attitude indicator and gunsight marker, go to: