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    PATENT NO: 6,015,354
    TITLE: Golf Club With Adjustable Total Weight, Center of Gravity and Balance

    PATENT NO: US RE39,472 E
    TITLE: Golf Putter Having Improved Marking

    PATENT NO: 6,409,610
    TITLE: Golf Putter Having Improved Marking

    PATENT NO: 6,045,452
    TITLE: Golf Putter With Horizontal Concavity in Striking Face


    Stephen C. Ahn, Certified Golf Teaching Professional
    Stephen Ahn is a former aeronautical engineer and an avid golfer. He combines his aeronautical background with his love for golf by applying basic principles of engineering to his golf game. Stephen’s passion for flying led to the invention of the AeroCurve Golf series. He currently holds four U.S. patents in the “scientific” field referred to by many as the game of golf.

    Suh Yong Lee, Ph.D.
    Dr. Lee was the Manager of Technology Development for Westinghouse Electric Corporation and held other positions with the company for over 30 years. He is an internationally recognized expert in combustion and air pollution. He holds 15 U.S. patents.