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    The patented concave striking face improves your game by compensating for a player’s aiming error, something a conventional straight-face putter fails to do. Although the concavity of the AeroCurve Putter face is insignificant to the naked eye, its effect on putting efficiency is remarkable!

    The best way to putt the ball is by aiming the center of the putter’s striking face toward the center of the hole, as shown below. But a consistent pendulum swing, 100% of the time, is impossible. Most golfers commonly strike the ball with an open or a closed face. Striking the ball closer to the toe or heel end of the putter will cause the ball to miss the center of the hole.

    As shown below, the AeroCurve Putter always aims the ball toward the center of the hole, from any point on the putter’s striking face. The patented concave curvature of the striking face compensates for misalignments in your putting aim (i.e. slightly open or closed face at the point-of-contact), thereby always directing the ball to the hole.