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    A golf ball has printed on it numerical markings in addition to the brand name of the manufacturer, partly in order to distinguish a player's ball from other fellow players' balls. However, it is common that the numerical marking may not be easily visible due to the position of the ball or may be difficult to see because of grass stain, wear or other reasons. It is against the rule of golf to move a fellow player's ball to see the marking on the ball to verify ownership of the ball. In addition, with the surge of colored balls in play, it has become increasingly more difficult to check for brand name or numerical markers to distinguish one ball from another.

    To alleviate this problem, the subject patent disclosure proposes putting or printing markings of colored shapes and designs on the ball for a player to be able to find his or her ball quickly and easily. These markings will enable a player to recognize ownership of the ball without touching or moving the position of the ball.